Caravan hooked up to a 4wd

Why do I need electric brakes? 

The short answer is for safety.

In December of 1998, national towing regulations were implemented across Australia following a unanimous decision by the State Ministers of Transport.

These new regulations dictated that any trailer with a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) exceeding 750kg would need to be fitted with an electric brake control system.


How do electric brakes work?

Imagine a group of kid’s rollerblading in a line, each holding onto the hips of the one ahead of them. The line goes smoothly along as long as all of the kids remain at a steady speed.  If one of these children suddenly decides to slow down, the following will soon end up crashing into his back.

Towing a caravan or trailer works the same way. All the added weight of a trailer can make slowing down or stopping a tow vehicle highly dangerous. The trailer’s momentum can cause it to keep going, ultimately crashing into the back of the vehicle, innocent by standers or even roadside barriers.

An electric brake controller eliminates the chances of a trailer crashing into a tow vehicle by activating the trailer’s brakes whenever the driver hits the vehicle brakes. The brake controller essentially detects how much power is required by a caravan or trailer’s brakes to safely slow down and stop.


What electric braking system should I choose? 

At Voltaic we have trialed and tested many brands and recommend the Redarc tow pro elite V3. Tow-Pro Elite continues to be the only brake controller to offer two types of braking; ‘Proportional’ mode (inertia sensing) for highway conditions and ‘User-Controlled’ mode for off-road.


• Smooth trailer braking response

• AL-KO ESC and Dexter Sway Control* System compliant

• Electric or electric/hydraulic operation

• Safe braking at your fingertips

• Main unit installed out of sight

For more information on the Redarc tow pro elite V3 electric brake system or to book an installation appointment please feel free to Contact us

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