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Car air conditioning service.

Summers in Perth can be unforgiving. As with most things, the effectiveness of your vehicle’s air conditioning system decreases over time, which can leave you feeling the heat. This could be due to general wear and tear, blockages, electrical issues, or system faults.

To ensure your air conditioner works on those scorching hot days, we recommend a yearly car air conditioning service by the team at Voltaic. We are experienced with all types of air conditioning systems and are experts at diagnosing issues with your car’s system. Our thorough air conditioning service gives you peace of mind your car’s air conditioner will work when you need it most.

Signs your car air conditioning system needs a service.

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Car air conditioning regas.

All too often, you only realise you have a serious issue with your car’s air conditioning system when it’s sweltering hot.

To ensure comfortable driving all year round, we recommend a car air conditioning service and regas every 12 months to 2 years. 

Our comprehensive service includes:

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Retrofitting car air conditioning.

As much as you enjoy your classic car, when the sun beats down on you without the comfort of cool air, your beloved classic can quickly lose its appeal. Our retrofit air conditioning service retains the classic look and feel of your car, while adding the benefit of a 21st-century air conditioning system.

We can mount air conditioning units in various locations in your classic vehicle, depending on its make, model, and available engine bay space. We work with you to find the ideal solution to increase your vehicle’s comfort without compromising its iconic looks or classic status.

Car air conditioning repairs.

Normal wear and tear and other system issues will affect your vehicle’s air conditioner. Over time, seals can wear out and components can leak, leading to poor performance and decreased effectiveness. If you notice your car’s air conditioning system isn’t running as it should, or has ceased to run entirely, the team at Voltaic can help.

Our expert auto electricians are experienced with all vehicle makes and models and have the equipment and know-how to diagnose any problem. We can find the right solution to get your system back up and running at an affordable cost.

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Has your car lost its cool?
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Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to fix a car’s air conditioning?

The cost to repair a car’s air conditioning system depends on the vehicle and the work involved. Minor repairs can range from $150 to over $500, with major repairs usually costing more depending on the failed components. For a better indication of the cost of repairing your vehicle’s air conditioner, we recommend that you book an air conditioning service - $175.00.

Customer testimonials.

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Our services.

Auto diagnostic icon

Auto diagnostic services

With our specialist auto diagnostic tools, the team at Voltaic are experts at finding faults with your vehicle’s electrical system.

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Electric brake controller installation

If your trailer exceeds 750kg Gross Trailer Mass, you will need an electric brake controller from the expert team at Voltaic.

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Dual battery installation

Voltaic can help you with a dual battery system to keep your accessories running without drawing power from your main battery.

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Car lighting installation

The right car lighting system by Voltaic can be beneficial to increase your visibility and safety when driving, both day and night.

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Dash camera installation

For peace of mind in the event of a crash, the safety-conscious team at Voltaic can install a dash camera in your vehicle.

UHF radio icon

UHF radio installation

A UHF radio can be helpful in many scenarios. The team at Voltaic can install a unit to meet your needs and your budget.

Reverse camera icon

Reverse camera installation

Reverse cameras can easily be fitted to any vehicle. Voltaic Auto Electrical install a variety of makes and models for your vehicle.

Alcohol interlock icon

Alcohol interlock installation

We are an accredited provider of AJEN Smart Start Alcohol Interlocks. Our service includes continued download of device data. 

labour hire icon

Labour hire

For expert auto electrical support on your next civil or mining project, you can trust Voltaic Auto Electrical’s labour hire service.

Heavy Duty Solutions

4WD Auto Electrician

Take your 4WD to the next level with 4x4 accessories and electrical equipment that will enhance the look, performance, and safety of your vehicle.

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Heavy Duty Auto Electrician

Our auto electricians at Voltaic are fully qualified to tackle your heavy duty auto electrical fit outs, maintenance, and electrical servicing requirements.

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Mining Auto Electrician

Providing maintenance solutions for mining vehicles and equipment, Voltaic ensure your machinery is compliant to specific mine site requirements.

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