Alcohol interlock installation

Interlock devices for personal or fleet vehicles

Accredited alcohol interlock installer.

Voltaic Auto Electrical is an accredited service provider of Ajen Smart Start Alcohol Interlock devices. Our service includes the download of data from the device to ensure compliance with State Government or employer requirements. The downloaded data is assessed by the Department of Transport or the employer to monitor drinking and driving behaviour of the driver.

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Ajen Smart Start alcohol interlock systems.

As an accredited service provider under the Western Australia Alcohol Interlock Scheme, we install and service Ajen Smart Start interlock systems. The technology in Ajen Smart Start alcohol interlock systems provides accurate readings of the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in a driver’s breath. This allows the Department of Transport to accurately assess compliance with the Alcohol Interlock Scheme or to ensure employees are safe to operate commercial or heavy machinery.

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Need an alcohol interlock installed?

What is an alcohol interlock device?

An alcohol interlock device is an electronic breath analyser fitted to a motor vehicle. It prevents the driver from operating the vehicle if alcohol is detected in their system. Once the vehicle is in motion, the alcohol interlock device randomly prompts the driver to complete an additional breath test.

The device allows time for the driver to stop their vehicle to re-do the BAC test. Every BAC reading is recorded by the alcohol interlock device, along with any evidence of tampering with the system. Alcohol interlock systems can be fitted to commercial fleet vehicles or personal cars, as directed under the Western Australia Alcohol Interlock Scheme

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WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme.

To preserve the safety of all road users from drink drivers, the State Government established the Western Australia Alcohol Interlock Scheme. The Scheme is mandatory for anyone convicted of a drink driving offence. Any driver with an interlock condition imposed on their licence is only permitted to drive a vehicle fitted with an approved interlock device.

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Frequently asked questions.

How much does an alcohol interlock device cost?

The price for an alcohol interlock system in Western Australia ranges from $1600-$2200. This cost can differ on a case-by-case basis.

How long does an alcohol interlock installation take?

The installation of an alcohol interlock system typically takes around 2 hours. We ask that you drop your vehicle to us when we open at 8:30am. A member of our friendly team will contact you when your vehicle is ready.

Do I need to go to the same service centre that installed my system for servicing

You can attend any accredited alcohol interlock service centre, such as Voltaic, to have your device serviced.

How long does it take to service an interlock device?

Servicing your interlock device is a drive-in, drive-out service, which usually takes around 15 minutes.

What happens once I have completed the alcohol interlock scheme?

Once you have successfully completed the WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Transport WA will:

  • Permit you to have the approved device removed from your vehicle by an authorised service provider such as Voltaic Auto Electrical
  • Notify you in writing of the successful completion of the WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme
  • Allow for the removal of the interlock condition from your driver’s licence
How long does it take for an alcohol interlock device to be removed from my vehicle?

It takes approximately one hour to remove an interlock device from your vehicle.

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