Meet Josh, the Owner of Voltaic!

My name is Josh Doutch, and I am a passionate auto electrician with a lifelong love for vehicle technology.

As a young boy Reading Street Machine magazine, I educated myself as much as I could with much enjoyment. Until I got the chance at 17 in 1998 to start an apprenticeship as a heavy-duty mechanic. As someone who got low scores at school, it was a surprise to all that I achieved extremely well in my trade studies and getting 100% on most exams and being top of my class.

After completing my mechanic’s apprentice early, I was eager to keep learning. So, I asked my employer at the time, Byrnecut Mining if I could do another apprenticeship as an auto electrician, and they said yes.

I worked very hard to complete my auto electrical trade working on underground mining equipment and became Byrnecut Mining’s first auto sparky tradesman and first dual trade tradesman, completing 2 apprenticeships with them all while maintaining my love for cars and working on them wherever I could.

Being a capable tradesperson, I climbed the ranks in workshops across mining workshops worldwide and then in the automotive industry in WA. I always maintained a hands-on approach to developing my technical, leadership and management skills always looking to improve.

24 years later, today I am the owner of Voltaic Auto Electrical I still enjoy the learning process of the trade, adapting to new technology of vehicles and driving innovation through high-quality work.

The passion and mindset of consistent improvement is one what drives me and Voltaic’s success today, which has allowed us to deliver some of the best auto electrical services in the country. I look forward to seeing how far we can push our quality and customer service in the future.

It’s my mission and legacy to leave a lasting impact on the auto electrical trades by improving the industry standard and developing my team to be the absolute best out there, changing the landscape for generations. I believe this allows our community to receive a better level of service, making their vehicle more capable of driving greater experiences.

Josh Doutch

Over my 20+ Year Career as an Auto Electrician, I Have Gained the Following Qualifications:

  • Automotive electrician /Trade certificate
  • Mobile plant mechanic/Trade certificate
  • Telecommunication Cert 3
  • Auto motive air-conditioning Cert2
  • Automotive Electrical technology Cert3
  • Engineering mechanical Cert3