Charging ahead with our new location!

Voltaic workshop

A Move in the Right Direction

After three years of searching, months of planning, and weeks of fitting-out, the Voltaic team has finally settled into our new state-of-the-art facility at 38 Welshpool Rd, Welshpool. If the address seems familiar, that’s because we moved just down the road from our previous workshop. This means we are in the same convenient location but now offer a higher level of service, with a bigger workshop, better facilities, and ample parking.

With the new premises, we are on our way to achieving our goal of becoming the leading auto electrical service provider in Perth. We look forward to growing and diversifying even more as we continue to innovate and deliver the high standard of auto electrical services you have come to expect from Voltaic.

What Our Move Means for You

Our bigger premises not only gives us capacity to fit more vehicles in our workshop, but also the ability to work on more vehicles at the same time. You’ll find it easier to get a booking with us and could get your car back even sooner than before. We also have more space to easily manoeuvre your big 4×4, camper trailer, caravan, or other large vehicle.

The additional space allows us to stock a wider range of parts and accessories in our workshop, giving us ready access to almost everything we need to complete your job quickly and efficiently. Plus, if you’re looking to buy parts and accessories for your vehicle, you can now browse from a selection of high-quality products available for purchase.

You’ll love our new reception and waiting area, with a comfy lounge and reading material to keep you entertained. There’s a great coffee shop next door, too, so you can grab a cuppa while you wait. Our bigger premises also offers more parking, so you will always find a spot if you want to drop in to pick something up.

Continuing to Grow and Innovate

Our new location has given us the opportunity to diversify our services and offer you even more value than before. With upgraded tools and equipment, new diagnostic software, and high-quality products available for purchase, Voltaic has all your auto electrical needs covered.

The Voltaic team love our bigger, better equipped workshop, with each team member having their own workspace. This helps us keep out of eachother’s way and allows us to work more efficiently and effectively on your vehicle. Our team each take pride in their individual work area, with pristine work bays fully equipped with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment.

Our new location also gives us much more potential for future expansion, with scope to diversify our services even further. As we grow, we plan to take on additional team members, acquire more equipment, and continue to innovate to meet your needs.

Planning for the Future of Our Industry

As part of our commitment to supporting and mentoring young Western Australians, our apprenticeship program teaches aspiring individuals the skills they need to become qualified auto electricians. With our new premises, we are better positioned to offer more apprenticeships and continue supporting young people to grow and develop their talents. Young people have great ideas and fresh thinking, so by offering more opportunities to youth, we are nurturing a valuable resource that brings endless innovation to our industry.

Our New Premises is Just the Beginning…

At Voltaic, we are always moving forward. While we haven’t moved far from our old location, we have come a long way since our establishment in 2017. The move to our new premises is another step in our journey and just the beginning of our future growth. Our team strives to continue leading innovation in the auto electrical industry and deliver high-quality services to you. Watch this space!

If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer in our new state-of-the-art facility, visit our website or come see us today! If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.